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Mountaineering, rock climbing, ski touring & avalanche courses. Learn climbing & skiing skills from a professional mountain guide.


We offer a variety of mountaineering courses for beginner through to advanced climbers. Our beginner courses will teach you the basic mountaineering skills of rock climbing, snow and ice climbing, safety skills and use of equipment, and rope work.

Our advanced courses will take you climbing on some of the amazing big routes in the New Zealand southern alps. You will learn lead climbing skills for multi-pitch alpine and rock terrain. We can help you develop your climbing skills so you can get to the next level.

2 to 4 people

3 days

From $1,365

All year

1 to 2 people

6 days

From $6,550

Mid October to March

3 to 4 people

6 days


October to March

1 to 4 people

4 to 10 days

From $1,800

Mid October to April

3 to 4 people

5 days


July to August


Beginner through to advanced rock climbing courses. On the beginner rock climbing course you will learn the basics of rock climbing – rock climbimg movement, safety skills, use of equipment, and rope work, how to build an anchor, and abseiling techniques.

On the advanced rock climbing courses you can learn lead climbing skills, anchor building, multi-pitch techniques, traditional gear placements, anchor building, and rope rescue skills. 

1 to 6 people

2 days

from $510

October to April

1 to 6 people

2 days

From $510

October to April


Learn the skills  to travel safely in the backcountry. Our focus is to teach backcountry travellers the skills needed to travel efficiently through the backcountry. You will also learn about equipment, clothing, avalanche decision making, planning, and rescue skills. On our ski mountaineering courses you will learn the skills needed to travel, ski, and climb in big mountain glaciated terrain

3 to 4 people

6 days


July to October

3 to 10 people

2.5 days


July to September

3 to 12 people

1.5 days


June to August

3 to 5 people

4 days


July to September